SING SIANG: EPE Bag Making Machine SHSS-30EPE


Company Introduction

Sing Siang Machinery Co., Ltd. (SSM) is established in 1975 in Taiwan, specialized in all kinds of bag making machines and always provides customers with the most comprehensive technological service. Based on more than 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, SSM is capable of designing machines with practical performance for customers, at a reasonable and competitive price.

Each SSM machine is subject to rigorous quality inspection and performance tests before shipment to ensure the best possible performance. Therefore, SSM is a symbol of dependable quality.

Company Product

Sing Siang has strong technology background and operation process experience to conduct strict inspections on all kinds of bag making machines to meet customer expectations of different kinds.

Now, their product lines include bottom sealing bag making machine, side sealing bag making machine, T-shirt bag making machine, bag on roll making machine, special type bag making machine and folding machine. In this article, we will introduce their EPE Foam Bag Making Machine.

Machine Performance

  1. EPE Bag Making Machine, Automatic sealing and cutting, designs for epe foam material and PE air bubble wrap.
  2. The machine output cycle is 20-100 cycle/min.
  3. There are several size of machine to cut Max bag length in 500-1500 mm.

Machine Features

  1. The size control of Bag Making Machine is by servo motor, controls length tolerance, ensures high efficiency and accuracy.
  2. The dancing roll station is control by AC motor with inverter speed control, no adjustment is required and easy to operate.
  3. In order to seal the perfect quality on epe foam, the hot cutting heating system equipped with 2 cooling bar with forced air cooling.
  4. The machine will stop automatically when temperature is too low.
  5. High stability and continuous high speed producing to increase efficiency.

Source: PRM Issue225 SING SIANG: EPE Bag Making Machine SHSS-30EPE