Sing Siang Machinery


※Company Introduction
Taiwanese company Sing Siang Machinery Co., Ltd. (SSM) was established in 1975. Since that time they have been specializing in all kinds of bag making machines, always aiming to provide customers with the most comprehensive technological services. With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, SSM is capable of designing machines that can practically meet the customers’ needs at competitive prices. Each SSM machine is subject to rigorous quality inspections and performance tests before shipment to ensure the best possible performance. SSM symbolizes dependable quality.

※Company Products
Sing Siang has a strong technological background and operation process experience which enables them to conduct strict inspection on all kinds of bag making machines to make sure that the customer is always satisfied with every product purchased. Their current product lines include bottom sealing bag making machines, side sealing bag making machines, T-shirt bag making machines, heavy duty bag making machines and special types of bag making machines.

※Product Introduction
Supported by our global customer base, Sing Siang is able to allocate resources to innovating different types of production methods and end products. This has advanced their reputation of being one of the most respected bag making machine manufacturers in Taiwan. In line with their product innovations they also believe in investing in their human resources, so employee training is as important to Sing Siang as innovating the best product. This allows their experienced staff to be able to supervise the production process, and complete quality checks that mean anyone buying a Sing Siang machine knows that the machine will last a long period of time, this in turn means a good return on investment for the consumer.
Sing Siang also understand that the operation of bag making machinery is of upmost importance. So every machine is developed with this in mind. Touch screen and PLC controls, with automatic alarm systems mean that even inexperienced operators will be able to confidently adjust and control the different bag making settings.

※New Products
Sing Siang’s new product is a multi-functional, highly efficient bag making machine that can make both "flat bottom sealing bags” and provide "bag on roll functionality ";This dual –functional design is notable for its capability of saving customers startup costs. Their Twin servo Motor driven flying knife bottom sealing bag making machine with it’s twin servo motor system and flying knife system, is specialized in the production of larger and thicker garbage bags. The design takes into account the frequency of knife replacement. So this has been made to be as easy as possible to reduce machinery downtime. Now there is no longer any need for two different machines which reduces the space needed for the product and the capital costs of purchasing two different machines. This machine has already been well received outside of Taiwan and because of this more and more inquiries are coming in every day.

In the Future, Sing Siang aim to improve their technology in the direction of being more efficient, user–friendly and durable, and use customer feedback to keep developing products that will increase their market share. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sing Siang.

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